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Philippine DX News No.38

Philippine DX News No.38

April 12, 2010

Hello everyone! To all our dear shortwave listeners Good evening! Good morning! Wherever you are. Welcome to the 3rd anniversary edition of the Philippine DX News. This is report No.38.I’m Henry Umadhay in Antique, Central Philippines. Glad to be back and thank you for listening

In today’s program we’ll continue our radio history series of medium wave stations here in the Philippines, our regular station logs and some A2010 frequency Schedule.

Today will have the history of the Philippine broadcasting service (PBS)

Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a radio network in the Philippines. It is owned by the Philippine government with 26 AM stations and 5 FM stations.

On May 8, 1933, the U.S. government established and operated radio station DZFM (then KZFM) in the Philippines on frequency 710 kHz with a power of 10,000 watts through the United States Information Service. In September 1946, two months after the Philippines became an independent, KZFM was turned over to the Philippine government. With the transfer was born the Philippine Broadcasting Service, PBS the second broadcasting organization after Manila Broadcasting Company.

The station was first operated by the Department of Foreign Affairs until it was transferred to the Radio Broadcasting Board (RBB) which was created by President Manuel Quezon on September 3, 1937. Meanwhile in the same year, an international telecommunications conference in New Jersey, reassigned the letter “D” to replace the former “K” as the initial call letter for all radio stations here in the Philippines. In January 1942, the RBB was abolished to give way to the establishment of the Philippine Information Council (PIC) which then assumed the function of the RBB, including the operation of DZFM. In turn, the PIC was abolished on July 1, 1952, and since then, until the creation of the Department of Public Information in 1959.

Over the years hence, the PBS had acquired 13 more radio stations, one TV station. The National Media Production Center, NMPC, had acquired the facilities of the Voice of America in Malolos, Bulacan in 1965 and steadily brought the old complex up to standards. The NMPC operated the Voice of the Philippines, VOP, on both medium wave-918 kHz and shortwave 9.810 mHz transmissions. In 1975 obtained DWIM-FM. With this new station and some provincial stations that came under its wings earlier, the NMPC was a network and effectively covered a wide range of the Philippine listener ship.


The Broadcasting board and the NMPC were brought under one administrative roof in 1980 when the Office of Media Affairs was created to provide a union for both networks within the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center on Broadcast Drive in Quezon City.

After the EDSA Revolution, the Office of Media Affairs was abolished, followed by the NMPC, and finally, the BB.

That lay the blueprints and groundwork of the Bureau of Broadcast Services.

During Aquino administration, PBS transferred its office from ABS-CBN complex to PIA Building in Visayas Avenue until today.

Regular station logs for March 2010

March 1- Voice of Malaysia on 15295 in English from Kajang @ 0630 S-I-O 4-4-4 featured about historical places.

March 3 – Voice of Turkey on 15300 in English from Emirler S-I-O 3-3-3

March 4- KBS World Radio on 9770 from Kujang in English S-I-O 5-5-5

March 7- AWR on 15320 in English from Guam @ 2235 S-I-O 5-5-5

March 8- KTWR on 15170 from Agana,Guam in English @ 0830 S-I-O 5-5-5 with Running to win program

March 9- Voice of Croatia on 15360 in Croatian from Singapore @ 0731 S-I-O 5-5-5

March 12- Polish Radio on 11860 in English from Woofferton @ 1305 S-I-O 3-3-3

March 14- Voice of America on 7575 in English from Udon Thani @1320 S-I-O 5-5-5 with Jazz America program

March 15- Radio Veritas Asia on 9720 in Pilipino from Palauig @2300 S-I-O- 3-3-3

March 18- Voice of Mongolia on 12085 in English from Ulaan baatar @ 1000 S-I-O 3-3-3

March 20- Radio Kuwait on 15110 in Arabic from Ka’bd on 1355 S-I-O 5-5-5

March 21- KNLS on 6915 in English from Anchore Point @ 1255 S-I-O 3-3-3

March 28 REE on 15555 in Spanish from Noblejas to Europe @ 1520 S-I-O 5-5-5

A2010 Frequency Schedule

DW in English

0000-0100 9885, 15595, 17525

0300-0400 12005, 15595

0900-1000 15340, 15640, 17820

1600-1700 9540

Radio Canada INTL

0000-0100 11700


1500-1530 11720

1600-1630 11720

2130-2200 11850

2230-2300 15320

For your reception report, please send 1-IRC International Reply Coupon. Return postage will be greatly appreciated.

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This has been Henry Umadhay for Wavescan in Antique, Central Philippines saying…

Mabuhay at maraming salamat po.

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