Monday, January 19, 2009

31 meter Band Reception - Philippine Sunrise Monday, January 19, 2009 10:31 AM

January 19, 2009 10:31 AM

Hello All,
Continued my surveillance of the 31 meter band during the sunrise period here in the Philippines this morning. From 2200 to 2300 on January 18 the following are among the stations heard. CRI, CNR and other such pests have been ommitted from the listing.
NORTH KOREA - Voice of Korea on 9345 from Kujang in Mandarin;
THAILAND - BBC World Service relay on 9465 via Nakon Sawan in English;
PHILIPPINES - VOA relay on 9490 via Tinang in English;
SOLOMON ISLANDS - SIBC on 9542 from Honiara in English; *
VIETNAM - VOV on 9550 from Hanoi-Sontay in Mandarin; **
JAPAN - Radio Japan (NHK) on 9560 from Yamata in Korean;
UNITED STATES - Radio Marti on 9565 for Greenville, NC in Spanish; ***
N. MARIANA ISLDS (US) - RFA relay on 9570 via Tinian in Cantonese;
MOROCCO - Radio Mediterranee Int'l on 9575 from Nador in Arabic;
JAPAN - Radio Nikkei One on 9595 from Tokyo-Nagara in Japanese;
RUSSIA - Vatican Radio relay on 9600 via Petropavlovsk-K in Mandarin;
AUSTRALIA - Radio Australia on 9630 from Darwin in Indonesian;
TAIWAN - Xi Wang Zhi Sheng on 9635 from Tanshui in Mandarin;
NORTH KOREA - Voice of Korea on 9650 from Kujang in Japanese;
AUSTRALIA - Radio Australia on 9660 from Brandon in English; ****
INDONESIA - RRI Jakarta on 9680 from Cimanggis in Indonesian;
UNITED STATES - WYFR (Family Radio) on 9690 from Okeechobee, FL in
Portuguese; *****
NIGER - Voix du Sahel-Niamey 0n 9705 from Niamey in French;
RWANDA - DW relay on 9720 via Kigali in Indonesian;
SINGAPORE - BBC World Service relay on 9730 via Kranji in Indonesian;
SINGAPORE - BBC World Service relay on 9740 via Kranji in English;
TAIWAN - Voice of Han on 9745 from Kuanyin in Mandarin;
PHILIPPINES - VOA relay on 9780 via Tinang in Special English;
SOUTH KOREA - Radio Korea Int'l on 9805 from Kimjae in Indonesian; and
PALAU - KHBN (High Adventure Ministries) on 9955 from Medorn in Mandarin.
* S7 to S9 signal from a 6 kW transmitter.
** No sign of Radio Havana which has been a major player in my earlier
noted North American/Caribbean longpath window during the sunrise
*** Assumed longpath reception from North America.
**** S9 signal from Bandon's 10 kW transmitter.
***** WYFR/Okeechobee must be assumed to be longpath reception from
North America.
T.C. Patterson
Cebu, Philippines

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