Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flag this message Europeans on 41 and 49 meters

Did a bit of hunting for European signals on the 41 and 49 meter bands
during the pre-sunrise period this morning and was able to log the

VATICAN CITY - Vatican Radio on 5885 from Santa Maria di in Spanish around
2124. Fair to good, relatively interference free signal subject to moderate
levels of atmospheric noise and suffering from occasional deep propagational

PORTUGAL - Deutsche Welle relay on 6075 via Sines in German at 2135, Fair to
good signal plagued by some unidentified same channel interference and
moderate to severe levels of atmospheric noise.

MOLDOVA - WYFR (Family Radio) relay on 6240 via Kichinev in English at about
Only a fair but relatively interference free signal further troubled by
moderate to severe levels of both atmospheric noise and propagational fade.

GERMANY - Radio Liberty relay on 7165 via Wertachtal in Byelorussian at
2145, This relatively interference free signal exhibited fair to good
strength and was troubled by only slight levels of noise. Unfortunately the
signal was subject to intermittent spells of deep fade.

More later.

Best Regards,

T.C. Patterson
Cebu Philippines

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