Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Philippine DX News No.26 and 27

Hello everyone and welcome to the May 10th edition of Pilipinas DX. This is report number 27 and I’m Henry Umadhay in Antique, in Central Philippines.Glad to be back and thank you for tuning by.Our limited 2nd year anniversary QSL card is still available and to those who would like to collect please just kindly send your reception reports to:pilipinadx@yahoo.comThis card featuring the map of our province Antique.I would like to thank our DXer friends for their reports1. Mr. Tomohide Fujii of Takamatsu,Nerima, Tokyo,Japan2. Mr. Kazuyuki Kuriki of Aichi,Japan3. Mr. Li Ming of Maanshan City,China for 2 reception reports4. Mr Zhang ShiFeng of Penglai City, Shan Dong Province,China5. Mr. Mukesh Kumar of Bihar, IndiaThank you very much for your reports
For some DX News nowPBS- Philippine Broadcasting Service on 6170 kHz relay of 1278kHz AM Mw dWRM Radyo Magazin from Marulas, Valenzuela, Metro Manila audible from 0000-0930 domestic broadcast in English and FilipinoRTM Malaysia 1475 kHz from Kota Kinabalu,Malaysia in Tagalog ( Pilipino) audible from 1100-1330UTCRadio Romania International – Last April 11th, I heard the transmission of Radio Romania to Central Africa in the frequency of 17730 from 1146-1154 UTC with feature about Romania and followed by the Mailbag program, S-I-O rating 3-3-3Frequency Schedule of English broadcast for Radio Romania International valid 29 March to 24 October 2009To Central Africa 1100-1200 15340, 17730To Pacific Area 0530-0600 15435, 17770South-East Asia 0300-0400 9735, 118950530- 0600 15435, 17770For more information visit
A09 Frequency Schedule for various stations from March 29, 2009 – October 25, 2009Radio Sweden broadcast for Asia in English0230-0300 11550 via Madagascar1330-1400 157351430-1500 13820Radio Prague, Czech Republic in English1300-1329 17540 to South Asia2000-2027 11600 to South & East Asia/ AustraliaRadio Netherlands in English1000-1100 11895 to East & SEA daily12065 to East Asia/China daily15110 to East & SEA daily1400-1500 9345 to East 7 SEA daily1400-1600 11835 to South Asia daily15815 to South Asia daily1400-1600 5825 to South Asia daily7530 to East & SEA dailyChina Radio International Filipino Service1130- 1200 11700 daily1200-1230 11700 daily1430-1500 12110 dailyDuetsche Welle Radio broadcast in English0000-0100 9885 via Trincomalee15595 via Vladivostok175250300-0400 11975 Novosibirsk15595 Dhabbaya0900-1000 15340 Singapore17705 Trincomalee1600-1700 9540 TrincomaleeStation logs for March 2009March 1, Solomon Island broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) on 9545 from Honiara @ 0800 in English S-I-O rating 3-3-3World Harvest Radio on 9930 from Naalehu, Hawaii @ 0805 in English with religious programming S-I-O Rating 5-5-5Adventist World Radio 0n 11870 from Guam @ 1050 in Ilocano S-I-O rating 4-4-4-3March 2, Family Radio on 9545 in Mandarin @ 0900 S-I-O rating 3-3-3March 6, KNLS Alaska on 7355 from Anchor Point in Chinese @0800 S-I-O rating 4-3-3AWR on 15255 in unknown language @ 1400 S-I-O rating 5-5-5Trans World Radio KTWR Guam on 9975 in English @ 1405 S-I-O rating 3-3-3Kingdom of Saudi Arabia broadcasting on 21640 from Riyadh in Arabic @ 1421 S-I-O rating 3-4-3 parallel 21505March 7, Voice of Russia on 17805 in English @ 0610 S-I-O rating 4-4-4 Commentary 7 Focus on Asia and the Pacific programRadio New Zealand Intl on 9765 from Rangitaiki in English @0733 UTC S-I-O rating 3-3-3 talk and musical ProgramRTM Malaysia on 1475 MW from Kota Kinabalu in Pilipino @ 1110 S-I-O rating 3-2-3 Music and dedication programMarch 8, PBS on 6170 kHz relay of dWRM 1278 MW domestic broadcast @0108 S-I-O 2-3-3March 9, Radio Slovakia on 13715 from Rimavska Sobota in English @ 0710 S-I-O 3-3-3, Review of weekly NewsMarch 18, Trans World Radio TWR on 11840 from Guam in English @0805 S-I-O 4-4-4March 21, Voice of Mongolia from Ulaan Baatar on 12085 in English @1041,A female host interviewing a male visitor in MongoliaMarch 30, AWR on 15540 in English @ 1136 S-I-O 4-4-4 Wave Scan programFor April 2009April 4, Radio Cairo Egypt on 17835 in English @1051 S-I-O 3-3-2April 5, KWHR ,T8WH Palau on 9930 in English with religious programming @ 0815 UTC S-I-O 4-4-4April 9, Shiokaze on 9595 in Japanese @0806 S-I-O 4-4-4April 10, Voice of Korea on 13760 in Korean @0707 S-I-O 3-4-3April 11, HCJB Quito,Ecuador on 11960 in Spanish @ 1210 with religious programming S-I-O 3-4-3April 12, Voice of Russia on 21790 World service @0700 S-I-O 3-3-3April 13, Radio Thailand news on 15275 in English @0210 with World News S-I-O 3-3-3April 18, AWR via VT Communications, Wertachal, Germany on 15435 @1200 in English S-I-O 3-3-3And friends, if you want to get the transcript of today’s Pilipinas DX news, please visit http (colon – double-forward slash) pilipinasdx (dot) wordpress (dot) com. That’s http (colon – double-forward slash) pilipinasdx (dot) wordpress (dot) com. OR, or you may want to send us your comments, suggestions, reception logs, and information’s to That’s P-I-L-I-P-I-N-A-S-D-X for PilipinasDX [at] yahoo [dot] com.This has been Henry Umadhay for Wavescan in Antique, Central Philippines saying…Thank you for all the support past 24 months of Pilipinas DX and Wavescan.This is not goodbye but until we meet again.Mabuhay! At Maraming salamat po!

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