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Philippine DX News No.28

Philippine DX News No.28
June 14, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to the June 14th edition of the Philippine DX News. This is report No.28 and I’m Henry Umadhay in Antique, Central Philippines.Glad to be back and thank you for tuning by. In today’s program we have few items, looking into the Medium Wave Stations here in the Philippines, our regular station logs and reception reports
Medium Wave Station in the PhilippinesMedium Wave and FM stations reached the majority of nearly 90 million Filipinos in the entire archipelago. Radio which informed, educate and entertain the listening audience. It gives information and analyses, with stories behind the headlines-covering politics, culture, business and sports.In the 2009 World Radio and TV handbook listed the total of 348 AM stations in the Philippines .There are several major networks that operate here1. Bombo Radyo Philippines of the Consolidated Broadcasting System, New sounds Broadcasting network and the People’s Broadcasting Service with 21 AM stations, branding as Bombo Radyo, Bombo a Bass drum where in it’s studios as Bass drum used to emphasize and stressed certain points.. And with 12 Star FM Stations in the major cities of the country.2. The Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) – Pioneer in radio where it’s flagship station DZRH the oldest station turns 70 this year. There are several AM and FM Stations under the roof of MBC as follows:DZRH the mother station relayed in the whole country via satellite andwith 17 other AM relay Stations nationwide with crystal clear signal.The Aksyon Radyo Stations also under MBC, branding Aksyon Radyo (Action Radio in English) with 6 AM station nationwide.
FM Stations under the banner of MBC as follows:
The Love Radio FM Stations with 22 nationwide
YES FM with 11
The Beat FM Stations with 4
The Hot FM Stations with the total of 51, the three (3) of which are fully owned and operated by MBC and the rest are the affiliate provincial Stations with Manila Broadcasting Company.
Radyo Natin FM Stations- The largest local community service stations, branding as Radyo Natin (Our Radio in English) with 111 Stations nationwide
3. Radio Mindanao Network with 20 AM and 22 I FM Station nationwide4. Philippine Broadcasting Service Radyo ng Bayan ,a public Stations owned and operated by the Philippine government 26 AM and 5 FM stations5. GMA Network with 15 Super Radyo ( Super Radio) AM stations and 23 Campus Radio FM Station nationwide6. Catholic Media Network owned and managed by the Philippine Catholic Church with 27 AM and 20 FM stations7. FEBC Far East broadcasting Company with 6 AM and 3 FM Stations8. ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation with 4 AM, 5 affiliates and 15 FM Stations and 8 affiliates FM Stations
Philippine Radio goes interactive
Philippine Radio is changing far more rapidly than ever before. Several networks launched distinctive interactive services and most reliably innovative broadcast. Switches to this format and is expanding radio not only to inform, educate and entertain but now the listening audience can participate through SMS .As reported The Philippines named as “The TEXT or SMS capital of the World” with average of 250-400 millions text messages sent per day. Using this mobile service, the listeners have direct connection to a radio station, a chance to pass comments and opinions to the current issues tacked on-the-air.
Another Radio Station now on TV simulcasts on AM bandAbout two years ago a leading network pioneer Teleradyo, combination of Radio and Television, DZMM of ABS-CBN a simulcast on the AM Radio station as well as a live video feed of the radio booth itself.
Second in the row DZRH TV. DZRH TV was a VHF station of Manila Broadcasting Company aired from 1960 to 1972.On October 1, 2008 DZRH-TV revived as an interactive radio/cable TV channel. First on-air screen channel seen on Dream satellite TV and other cable TV channels nationwide with 300 cables affiliates.DZRH, The longest running AM radio station in the country now on TV.
For our Station log for May 2009
May 6, Solomon Island Broadcasting SIBC on 545 from Honiara in English @0832 S-I-O 4-4-4 with public service announcementsMay 7, Voice of Mongolia on 12085 from Ulaanbaatar in Mongolian @ 0955 S-I-O 4-4-4May 8, World Harvest Radio T88WH on 9930 from Medorn ,Palau in English @ 0856 S-I-O 3-3-3May 9, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Broadcasting on 17615 from Riyadh in Arabic @ 1008 S-I-O 2-3-2May 10, Philippine Broadcasting Service Radyo Pilipinas 15285 from Tinang in English @ 0259 S-I-O 3-3-3May 11, Radio Exterior de Espana on 9640 from Noblejas in Spanish @ 2210 S-I-O 2-3-2May 12, KNLS on 7355 from Anchor Alaska in English @ 0837 S-I-O 3-3-3May 13, RTM Kuching on 7270 in Indonesian @ 0904 S-I-O S-I-O 3-3-3May 14, Radio Japan on 15590 from Yamata in English @ 0913 S-I-O 4-4-4May 16, Adventist World Radio on 11925 from Agat in Cebuano @ 1030 S-I-O 3-3-3Voice of Turkey on 15520 from Emirler in English @1305 S-I-O 3-4-3May 17, Radio Veritas Asia on 9720 from Palauig in Filipino @ 2310 S-I-O 3-3-3May 18, Deutsche Welle Radio on 15340 from Singapore in English @ 0930 S-I-O 4-4-4All India Radio on 17800 from Bengaluru in English @1030 S-I-O 4-4-4May 23, KTWR on 11840 from Merizo in English @0914 S-I-O 3-3-3 with Bread of Life ProgramVoice of Korea on 15180 from Kujang @ 012 in English S-I-O 3-3-3May 24, IRIB Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting on 17660 from Kamalabad in English @1054 S-I-O 4-4-4May 26, Radio Nikkie on 9595 from Nagara (Chiba) in Japanese @ 0731 S-I-O 3-3-3
I would like to acknowledge and thank our DXer friends for their reception reports and emails.1. Mr Tang Jing Bo of Qinghai Province, China2. Mr Hideo Suzuki of Kiyosu City, Aichi, Japan3.Mr. Hirokazu Mitsumoto of Kitakyushu, Japan4. Mr Takuji Sahara of Tokyo, Japan5. Mr. Nobuya Kato of Kanagawa, Japan6. Mr. Leonardo Santiago in Venezuela, Central America
Thank you very much.
Our 2nd year Anniversary QSL Card is still available. For your reception reports , please send 1-IRC International Reply Coupon. Return postage will be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much.
And friends, if you want to get the transcript of today’s Pilipinas DX news, please visit http (colon – double-forward slash) pilipinasdx (dot) wordpress (dot) com. That’s http (colon – double-forward slash) pilipinasdx (dot) wordpress (dot) com. OR, or you may want to send us your comments, suggestions, reception logs, and information’s to That’s P-I-L-I-P-I-N-A-S-D-X for PilipinasDX [at] yahoo [dot] com.This has been Henry Umadhay for Wavescan in Antique, Central Philippines saying…Mabuhay! At Maraming salamat po!

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