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Philippine DX News No.33

Philippine DX News No.33
November 8, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to the November edition of the Philippine DX News. This report No.33 and I’m Henry Umadhay in Antique, Philippines. Glad to be back and thank you for tuning by. In today’s program we have few items about FEBC new MW station, B09 Frequency Schedule and reception log.

First about FEBC AM Station DZMR

When the radio station -1143 AM DZMR Santiago, Isabela in Northern Philippines – begins its operation this year, there will be programs in Ilocano, Ibanag, Itawis and Kalanguya.
The goal is to broadcast in at least 14 local dialects and languages to reach more people groups especially in the mountainous areas of the Cagayan Valley and Cordillera regions including three people groups who were once headhunters.
Besides daily bible readings in Ilocano, 1143 DZMR Santiago will also produce original songs in all dialects that the broadcast reaches. When it is fully operational, the radio station will offer Christian programming to more people groups than any Christian radio station. This early, Back to the Bible- Philippines is planning to reach out to the Ilocano, Ibanag, Itawis and Kalanguya by producing radio programs which will be aired through DZMR Santiag 1143 Khz.

Radio Sweden
No More Printed Schedule or QSL Cards
With the start of the new transmission period for short and medium wave, as well as satellite, on October 25, Radio Sweden will only be publishing the broadcast schedule on the web.
This a logical consequence of the increasing importance of the internet as broadcast platform and because they stopped broadcasting their programs in Swedish.

At the same time they are simplifying their marketing and audience services.

At the same time they are discontinuing mailing QSL Cards to listeners in response to reception reports.

B09 Frequency Schedule
From October 25, 2009 – March 27, 2010

Deutsche Welle in English to the Philippines

0000-0100 UTC 7265 from Trincomalee
9785 from Trincomalee
15640 from Petropavl

0900- 1000 17710 from Trincomalee
21780 from Trincomalee

Deutsche Welle in German

0800-0958 17520 from Trincomalee

Radio Veritas Asia in Filipino

2300-2327 9720 khz
1500-1553 11715 khz

Radio Taiwan International in English to the Philippines

0100-0200 11875
1100-1200 11715

To Southeast Asia
0300-0400 15320
1100-1200 7445

FEBC in English
1400-1415 12025

Reception logs from TC Patterson

On October 18, 2009 T.C. did scan the 49 meter band and have listed some of thestations he noted. .
Between 2030 and 2100:
5820 GERMANY – RFE/Radio Liberty relay via Biblis in Belorussian;5830 KUWAIT – Radio Farda relay via Sulaibiyah in Persian; and5885 VATICAN CITY – Vatican Radio from St Maria di Galeria in Arabic.
Between 2100 and 2130:
6075 UNITED KINGDOM – DW relay via Rampisham in German;6085 JAPAN – Radio Japan (NHK) from Yamata in Japanese;6115 PHILIPPINES – Radio Veritas Asia from Palauig in Mandarin; and6145 FRANCE – CRI relay via Issoudun in Albanian.
All of these heard using the ICOM R75 receiver.

Our 2nd year anniversary QSL Card is still available. And our 3rd QSL Card is available. For your reception report, please send 1-IRC International Reply Coupon. Return postage will be greatly appreciated.
And friends, if you want to get the transcript of today’s Pilipinas DX news, please visit http (colon – double-forward slash) pilipinasdx (dot) wordpress (dot) com. That’s http (colon – double-forward slash) pilipinasdx (dot) wordpress (dot) com. OR, or you may want to send us your comments, suggestions, reception logs, and information’s to That’s P-I-L-I-P-I-N-A-S-D-X for PilipinasDX [at] yahoo [dot] com.This has been Henry Umadhay for Wavescan in Antique, Central Philippines saying…Mabuhay! At Maraming Salamat po!

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