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Philippine DX News No.48

Philippine DX News No.48
February 13, 2011

Hello everyone! To all our dear shortwave listeners Good evening! Good morning! Wherever you are. Welcome to the February 13th edition of the Philippine DX News. This is report No.48.I’m Henry Umadhay in Antique, Central Philippines. Glad to be back and thank you for listening.
First, I would like to thank our DXer friends for their reception reports:
1. Mr. Ragu A in Vedaraniam, India
2. Victor Lu – in Nanning City,Guangxi, China
3. P.Girish Chadaga also somewhere in India
4. Prithwiraj Purkayastha in Assam, India
5. Henk Ruigrok in the Netherlands

To all of you, Thank you very much.

Next month March 2011 is our 4th year anniversary. Watch for our New QSL Card and a Special Contest for the occasion. So get ready and prepare your oldest QSL Cards received from SW stations here in the Philippines. Mechanics will be posted in our blog soon.
Reception report from T.C.Patterson in San Remegio, Cebu here in Central Philippines. On January 19 TC did scan the 19mb between 0200 and 0300.Among the stations noted were the following:

15100 Voice of Korea from Kujang in English;
15115 Voice of America relay via Tinang in Burmese;
15160 China Radio International from Jinhua in Mandarin;
15180 Voice of Korea from Kujang in Spanish;
15195 Radio Japan (NHK) from Yamata in Japanese;
15220 Radio Free Asia relay via Tinian in Tibetan;
15240 Voice of Russia from Petropavlovsk in Russian;
15275 Radio Thailand from Udon Thani in English;
15285 Radyo Pilipinas from Tinang in English;
15310 BBC Worldservice relay via Nakhon Sawan in English;
15325 Radio Japan (NHK) from Yamata in English;
15370 China National Radio from Shijiazhuang in Mandarin;
15390 Radio Habana Cuba (RHC) from Havana in Spanish; and
15400 HCJB Australia from Kununurra in Telugu.

Receiving logs of different SW Stations for January 2011
January 1-China Radio Intl on 12110 from Beijing in Filipino @ 1432 S-I-O 3-3-3
January 2- Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) on 15460 in English from Kamalabad @1107 S-I-O 3-4-3
January 3- Radio Thailand on 9720 in English from Udon Thani @ 1240 S-I-O 4-4-3
January 4- Radio Prague on 11600 in English from Litomysl @ 1400 S-I-O 3-3-3
January 5 –Voice of Turkey on 11735 in English from Emirler @ 1338 S-I-O 4-4-4
January 6-Radio Cairo on 17870 in English from Abu Zaabal @ 1235 S-I-O 2-3-2
-Voice of Indonesia on 9525 in English from Cimanggis, Jakarta @ 1314 S-I-O 4-5-4
January 7-Shiokaze (Sea Breeze) on 5985 in English from Yamata @ 1400 S-I-O 3-3-3
January 8- Family Radio WYFR on 9465 in English from Paochung,Taiwan @ 0900 S-I-O 5-5-5
January 9- IRIB on 15540 in Pashto from Bandar-e Mahshar to West Africa @0742 S-I-O 3-3-3
January 10- AWR on 15495 in English from Nauen, Germany @ 1200 S-I-O 3-3-3
January 10- Radio Canada Intl on 9880 in English from Kunming @ 0017 S-I-O rating 3-3-3
January 11 –Radio Veritas Asia on 9720 in Filipino from Palauig @ 2302 S-I-O 3-3-3
January 15- IRIB on 15515 in Indonesian from Kamalabad @ 1231 S-I-O 3-3-3
January 16- AWR on 11935 in English from Guam @ 1330 S-I-O 4-4-4
January 17- Voice of Mongolia on 12085 in English from Honhor Ulaan Baatar @ 1040 S-I-O 3-3-3
January 21- Voice of America on 13640 in Special English from Tinang @2130 S-I-O 4-5-4
January 28- Voice of Korea on 15100 in English from Kujang @ 0205 S-I-O 3-3-3
We have a new QSL Card just for you featuring Boracay Island. For your reception report, please send 1-IRC International Reply Coupon or 2 US dollar. Return postage will be greatly appreciated.
And friends, if you want to get the transcript of today’s Pilipinas DX news and see our QSL Card series, please visit http (colon – double-forward slash) pilipinasdx (dot) wordpress (dot) com. That’s http (colon – double-forward slash) pilipinasdx (dot) wordpress (dot) com. OR,
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This has been Henry Umadhay for Wavescan in Antique, Central Philippines saying…
Mabuhay! At Maraming Salamat po!

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